Real Office Automation is an established comprehensive business solutions company, offering our clients innovative, reliable and cost effective solutions. Our technology consulting provides a total end-to-end solution to maximize your company’s staff productivity while ultimately driving down costs.

We believe in offering a consolidated solution with a single point of contact. Why go to multiple suppliers when you could go to one?

Real Office automation has an award-winning product range that is supported by global brands and allows clients to enjoy national support network through strategic partnering. This gives us a massive advantage because we are then able to provide expert service with national and local coverage in Communications, Connectivity, ICT, Printing services , Point of Sale, Document management , office furniture & planning and business security 

Real Office Automation is expanding our service offering to deliver the right technology services for you by providing the most reliable hardware, network infrastructure and support. We ensure our customers have the best service and products available!

We want to improve your efficiency and save you money on your current telecommunication, printing, point of sale and ITC costs with no compromise on quality and service.

Our mission is simple; we aim to become the supplier of choice for our customers in the SMME

market segment, We are focused on a variety of solutions for numerous industries in southern africa, the service excellence guarantee is what sets ROA Real Office Automation apart from our competitors.

We are dedicated to delivering the best service and custom solutions for your business. It is difficult to find reliable service providers these days, there are so many companies to choose from, and it can become confusing when you are looking for a company that matches your business ethics and standards of quality and professionalism.

Real Office Automation is committed to ethical business practices and prides itself on quality products and exceptional Service offering to meet all your needs.